What is Airbnb? – How it worked for us

What is Airbnb? It’s about creating an amazing experience:

In 2014 we excitedly purchased our first holiday rental property. At that stage, we were brand new to the holiday rental market and if anyone had have asked us what Airbnb was, we wouldn’t have been able to answer!  However, with a strong background in business and customer service, we wanted to create a great experience for all of our guests.  Our hope and aim was for them to feel welcome, at home and have their wants and needs catered for. Over the years, we learnt the ins-and-outs of hosting on Airbnb and excelled in our efforts. We discovered that Airbnb rewards great hosts and we quickly became an Airbnb Superhost.

What is airbnb - An example on a perfect superhost on Airbnb

 As we were both busy with our own work and business, we searched for a property manager who would align with our goals and listed our house with a few different businesses.  Unfortunately we found that the customer service and care just wasn’t there, so I (Trish) decided to manage the bookings and guest service while Cam looked after business development, marketing and home maintenance. We worked hard and together we built up a bustling beach house rental with non-stop bookings and 5 star reviews.

 Trish & Cam

The natural next step:

Trish’s sister Billie and brother-in-law Geoff joined our property management team in 2018 and together we have created My Guesthouse Pty Ltd.  With all of us having owned a number of successful local and global businesses, we completely understand the industry and strive to offer our clients the absolute best for their properties.  My Guesthouse offers everything we had wanted in a property management / holiday rental business when we first went searching.

Billie & Geoff

As property owners ourselves, we completely understand how important it is to make your holiday rental a success.  We know just how difficult it is to self-manage when you simply don’t have the time or the resources.  Our family team at My Guesthouse will take care of everything for you to ensure that your precious investment is promoted, well taken care of with the right guests chosen for you.  We will ensure your guests have an amazing experience and will want to book again.
Holiday Rentals – Achieve amazing results!
Our own holiday rental attracts many repeat guests who book year after year.  We have built a great rapport with each one and they all feel welcome, as if it were their own holiday home.  My Guesthouse will create the same great atmosphere for you and make your rental a great success.
Holiday Rental - Phillip Island Waterfront House