5 Star Airbnb Review

As brand new holiday rental property owners, this was our first Airbnb review – of course we were thrilled and may even have done a little happy dance!  All of our hard work to ensure our guest’s every needs were met so that they would thoroughly enjoy their stay and (fingers crossed) leave us a 5 star review had paid off!  In the years since, we are proud to have been awarded Superhost status 10 times in a row to date by Airbnb and you can absolutely achieve this too!

Gosh we’ve learnt a lot in that time and we’d love to share with your our own top tips on how to ensure you receive 5 star Airbnb reviews, each and every time.

1. Create a Connection Right From The Beginning

Airbnb’s philosophy is all about relationship building between hosts and guests.  When creating your Airbnb account, make sure to include a warm and friendly photo of yourself (or both of you if you are a couple), let people see that you are approachable.  

Include a little blurb about yourself. Think about what your guests want to know about you personally.  What information will make them feel like they already know you before they’ve even booked? Do you love people?  Enjoy cooking? Have a passion for sport? Do you have an interesting story as to why you want to host? Let everyone know!  This builds trust and rapport before you’ve even “met”.

2. Be Responsive

Oh hooray, a booking request has arrived in your inbox!  *High fives* What next?  

Reply.  Now!  

Airbnb is a very competitive platform and you are urged to reply to your potential guest within 24 hours or risk being penalised.  Don’t even wait that long; the quicker you respond, the higher the chance you will get that booking and the more likely you’ll leave the guest with a great impression.  By responding professionally and quickly at all times, you are showing your guests that you are responsive and can be relied upon. 5 star Airbnb host material!

Once the booking is confirmed, be quick to respond to their questions and always remain positive and friendly.  Make them feel happy with their choice of host.  

Be sure to make yourself available to answer any questions they might have once they have arrived at your property – encourage them to message or call you.  When guests feel supported, they are able to relax and enjoy their time away. A happy guest = a 5 star Airbnb review!

3. Give Guests the Answers Before They Even Ask!

This is a great way to ensure that your guests feel like they are truly cared for and that they can just check in and relax.  Spare them from having to ask for anything; now that is what holidays should be all about!

So how do you actually do this?  Think about it; If you were a guest, what would you like to know about the property you have just booked?  Some questions might be:

  • What is the property address and are there any nearby landmarks to help me find it easily?
  • Where can I park my car if there is no on-site parking available?
  • How will I gain access to the property?  Will you meet me in person or do you have a key safe or special door code?
  • Are there any special instructions about your house that I need to know before I arrive?
  • Once settled in are there any shops, restaurants, cafes, beaches, parks, etc. nearby to enjoy?

Formulate your answers into a detailed Airbnb message, email or document and send them to your guests before they check in.  They will really appreciate the care you have taken for them.

4. Give Clear Instructions

The truth is, most guests love their privacy and don’t actually want to chat with the host while on their holiday.  They just want to arrive -> relax -> leave!

You can help them by leaving clear instructions that will make their stay seamless.  Some examples include:

  • Create some friendly house rules and departure instructions that can be left somewhere easily visible.  Ours are laminated and attached to the door of the fridge. 
  • Label areas that may be difficult for guests to navigate – such as light switches, kitchen cupboards and drawers, etc.  It is so much nicer when you don’t have to search high and low for the essentials!
  • If you have equipment that requires special instructions such as a coffee machine, gas log fire, outdoor spa or pool – have detailed information such as a user manual or a simple instruction sheet available for them.
  • Does your house have a few quirks that only you know about?  Make a note for your guests so that they aren’t unpleasantly surprised!

5. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

It pays to remember the importance of cleanliness when you want happy guests!  Most guests have stayed in hotels and resorts in the past and will have high expectations when it comes to cleanliness.  They want to be welcomed by a clean and clutter-free environment in order to relax and unwind.

Make cleaning one of your top priorities – if you are unable to perform the cleaning yourself, enlist a professional house cleaner who can clean your property after each guest has departed.  Areas that require extra attention are the kitchen and bathrooms. To feel truly comfortable in someone else’s property, guests expect these areas to be hygienically clean and orderly.

Keeping your property free from clutter will give a feeling of cleanliness and will also make the task of cleaning much simpler.  We really can’t stress cleanliness enough; this will be something that your guests will notice immediately and will remember long after they have checked out.  Your guests will rate your property’s cleanliness when leaving their (*fingers crossed*) 5 star Airbnb review, so roll up those sleeves and get scrubbing!

6. Be Thoughtful

First impressions really do count.  You don’t have to have the fanciest or newest property to impress your guests; it’s the thoughtful touches on arrival that they will notice.  

You’ve gotten to know a little about your guest by now; you know that they are a couple, a family or a group of friends.  Use this information to tailor your own thoughtful touches.  

Start with these simple and effective ideas:

  • Leave out a folder or booklet with information about attractions in the local area.  Let your guests know about your own favourite things to do and the hidden treasures that only a local would know about.  Collect brochures from the nearby visitor information centre and from local businesses to include in the folder.
  • Provide a selection of board games, puzzles and cards for your guests to enjoy.  So many happy memories are made over a great holiday game together!
  • Leave a lovely token such as a food hamper, chocolates or wine for guests to discover on arrival.  You may even like to gift your guests with one of our own Welcome Boxes full of snacks, tea, coffee and luxury toiletries.  How lovely for your guests to enjoy your property from the moment they arrive!

Well, this really sums up our top tips that helped us to receive 5 star Airbnb reviews and become Airbnb Superhosts.  The overwhelming theme here is that 5 star reviews don’t actually come from your property alone. They come from building relationships, rapport and trust with your guests.   Once you have established this, just watch those 5 star Airbnb reviews come in! I’m sure you will do a happy dance like we do!